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Monday, April 18, 2011

04/18/11 BREAKING NEWS: Bishop Nowotnik, The Confidential Secretary To Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin, Has Screwed Up Again - Town Hall Basement Is Flooded - Boilers, Elevator And Records Damaged (Updated Three Times)

IF Donald Trump Was The Rye Town Supervisor He Would Have To Say,"Bishop I Don't Care If You Have A Birth Certificate. YOUR FIRED!!!!"

Port Chester, Rye Brook And Rye Neck Taxpayers Are Forced To Pay For Extensive Damage At Rye Town Hall Due To Bishop Nowotnik's Incompetence

Flooding at the Rye Town office building has put the Elevator out of service and damaged historical records, as a clueless Bishop Nowotnik sits at his desk unaware.

Bishop Nowotnik, confidential secretary to Rye Town supervisor Joe Carvin, sat on his tail end as rain water slowly filled the basement at 10 Pearl Street over a period of days.

The three sump pumps were off and both furnaces were slowly put two and a half feet under water, as Nowotnik tried to figure out what was wrong.

Rye Town insiders say that Nowotnik was informed during the heavy rains of last week that water was slowly coming into the Rye Town Hall basement.

Nowotnik failed to properly monitor and stay on top of the situation as two and a half feet of water filled the basement containing irreplaceable and historic town records.

The elevator motor and pump were submerged and water was thrown onto the elevator contacts when it was started up.

Even worse, the water also damaged some records in the Fran C. Nugent basement record room.

Former Republican Rye Town Clerk Fran Nugent's Friends And Family Say 
That If She Was A Live She Would Let Bishop Nowotnik  Have It. 

Decades Of Her Hard Work Have Been Destroyed, 
Because Of The Carvin Administration Incompetance !!!!!

Longtime and respected Republican Rye Town Clerk Fran Nugent, who the basement record room is named after, must be turning in her grave as Rye Town Building Manager Bishop Nowotnik was slow to take action and contain the flood waters. This going to be very expensive to the over taxed property owners of Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye Neck. The newly submerged elevator was recently refurbished for $35,000.

But Rye Town Republican's Have Had A Long History Of Neglecting Crawford Park, Rye Town Park And Of Coarse They Have Repeatedly Neglected Rye Town Hall 

Back when Bruno Gioffre was the Rye Town Judge and Donald Gioffre was the Rye Town Judge and Fred Gioffre was the Rye Town Republican Chairman Ms. Nugent repeatedly stood up to the Gioffre Clan. Fred Gioffre is now like the head honcho of Rye Town Park.

Later her husband was unfairly let go from Rye Town park, because Ms. Nugent would not go along to get along.

Ms Nugent even went so far as to encourage contractors to complain about the Republican Party rigging bids in Rye Town and in Port Chester.

In one famous incident, a small visually impaired cleaning contractor was forced to bid three times for a cleaning contract that was to go to a Gioffre supporter. Each and every time the small contractor was found to be the lowest qualified bidder, but the Rye Town Republican Patronage machine would reject the bids and rebid the contract.

Eventually the small contractor had to get a lawyer, so that he could be awarded the cleaning contract that he was rightfully entitled to.

Nowotnik failure to keep an eye on things and to quickly take corrective action has cause extensive and expensive damage to Rye Town records. Many of the damaged records are irreplaceable historical documents, others are legal documents.

The Town of Rye is now planning to pack up and ship out the water soaked records before they start getting moldy, The water logged records may be able to be salvaged through an expensive freeze-drying process.

All three three sump pumps are on the same electrical circuit and they were all shut off.

In the past, a water monitoring alarm has been recommend for the security system, but Nowotnik did not have the risk management experience to know to investigate this option. If the water monitoring alarm had been in place Nowotnik would have been alerted that water was slowly filling town hall's basement.

Further, Nowotnik did not assign anyone daily start at the 3rd floor Town Hall roof stairway and take 15 minutes to walk down both stairways as they go through the building and down the basement stairway.

The Carvin Administration Responds To The Flooding Emergency

Two of Nowotnik's men got stuck in the elevator on their way up to see Nowotnik on the third floor when it shorted out about 10:00 this morning.

The Port Chester Fire Department had to called in to rescue Bishop Nowotnik and his two men from the elevator problem.

Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin was missing in action as the basement flood waters were pumped out by a plumbing contractor.

Rye Town will be out of elevator service for about one month.

Rye Town Board meetings will not be held at 10 Pearl St.

The meetings has been moved to the Port Chester village courtroom at 350 North Main Street until the elevator is fixed, because the third floor of town hall is nolonger handicapped accessible.

Now that the village of Port Chester doesn't rent out the second floor of Rye Town Hall, maybe it is time for Nowotnik to reassign a first floor office to the second floor and start storing the Town's historic and legal records on the first floor.

Better yet, Nowotnik should provide display space for the Town to properly display it's vast collection of historic maps and documents.

Bishop Nowotnik and Rye Town Supervisor Joseph Carvin are not effectively and efficiently utilizing all three floors of Rye Town Hall.



 Bishop Nowotnik has given a heating contractor the go-ahead to work on the two furnaces.

They are hoping that heat can be restored to town hall by next week.



There Is A Reason That Port Chester And Rye Brook Residents Want To Take A Copy Of The Westmore News Roll It Up And Smack Richard Abel Upside The Head. Today's Westmore News Snooze Has Come Out With A Cute And Cheery Little Report About Bishop Nowotnik's Rye Town Hall Basement That Was Flooded With Two And A Half Feet Of Rain Water Over Multiple Days .....

If you were planning to attend Tuesday night’s Rye Town Board meeting, don’t head over to the Town Office Building at 10 Pearl St. The 8 p.m. meeting has been moved to the Port Chester village courtroom at 350 North Main St.

If you have a meeting with a representative from the company that has done the latest reassessment of property in the town to discuss your new assessment, don’t plan on taking the elevator. It’s out of service. That’s also the reason Tuesday’s meeting has been moved—the town courtroom on the third floor isn’t handicapped accessible, at least for the time being.

The Article Continues.....

“The damage is fairly extensive and fairly costly,” said Bishop Nowotnik, confidential secretary to the Rye Town supervisor, Wednesday afternoon. “It’s too early to say how much that is costing.”

Westmore Snooze Quote Of The Day:

" I can’t guarantee we won’t have water there again.”
- —Bishop Nowotnik, confidential secretary to Rye Town supervisor Joseph Carvin

Well Maybe We Should Get Someone Else To Manage The Rye Town Office Building

And Maybe We Should Start Telling The Truth About The Abel's And The Westmore News, Before They Manipulate Another Rye Town Election.....

It looks like the Carvin Administration is benefiting from letting Bernard Abel off the hook for once again cheating on his property taxes. When the previous administration got a call from the State Of Florida alerting them that they were looking into the Westmore News founder's Florida property taxes, the Town of Rye learned that Bernard Abel was claiming to be both a full time resident of Rye Town and Florida. thus getting tax exemptions reserved senior citizens in Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye Town.

When the Town Of Rye took Greedy Ole Bernie to court for unpaid back property taxes he turned around and sued all of the taxpayers in the Town of Rye, its elected supervisor, and four town council members. 

Crazy Bernie and his wicked little son Richard argued that Bernie's First and Fourteenth Amendment rights were breaches by a lawsuit against him for unpaid property taxes after he wrote columns criticizing town officials. 

The dim witted Judge denied the Town's judgment, finding that Bernie offered sufficient evidence for a jury to find in his favor. 

So If you want to cheat your neighbors and school children and make them pay higher property taxes, start a newspaper and attack the local officials that are responsible for making you pay your fair share of taxes.

 Bernie cried to the judge that he was the only he was sued sued by the town for property taxes during the period. Hey if another government body would have called a dropped a dime in a tax cheat, they would have been happy to take that good for nothing low life to court too. 

The sad part is that Bernie Abel had a long history of not paying his taxes in Port Chester and Rye Town and was know for decades as Bernie "I forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel and his son was know as Richard' My Daddy Gave Me This Newspaper After He Cheated School Children By Not Paying His Taxes" Abel

While Joseph Carvin was running for to be the new Rye Town Supervisor he was constantly seen at the Port Chester Diner and at the Westmore News offices make strategical campaign decisions and coordinating with Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel.

In an article published on August 22, 2003 in the Westmore News, Bernard "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Prperty Tax Bills" Abel, wrote an article as part of his regularly featured column called "The Town Crier.  The article was entitled "Borrelli on par with Marie Antoinette" (referring to Rye Town Councilman Mike Borrelli), was written by the tax cheating Abel during a heated local election in which he was seeking to chose the politicians who would control of the Rye Town Board.

Under a subheading, entitled "Who is the real Mann?", Abel, who was laughing all the way to the bank, wrote about Rye Town Attorney Monroe Yale Mann,  as a "political hatchet Mann" and "one of the biggest powers behind the throne" in the Town of Rye government, because  the Town Attorney had tried to collect Bernie's unpaid back taxes on behalf of the school children of Rye Town. 

Abel wrote that "Mann pulls the strings" and questioned whether the Rye Town Attorney who had taken him to court for tax cheating was "leading the Town of Rye to destruction."

The Rye Town Attorney took Greedy Bernie Abel and Westmore News, Inc., to court argueing that the statements contained in the article were false and published with actual malice.

Bernie Abel and the Westmore News  moved to dismiss the complaint, contending that the action was filed in bad faith to chill the exercise of protected free speech and that the suit was frivolous. Supreme Court denied the motion and the Appellate Division affirmed the Supreme Court Decision against the Wstmore News and that tax cheating Abel.

The Rye Town Attorney moved for summary judgment on the complaint. 

The Westmore News Inc.opposed the motion and cross-moved for summary judgment asserting that the article contained only expressions of opinion by Greedy Abel. 

The Supreme Court denied both motions on the ground that there were disputed issues of fact, and did not address whether the article constituted protected opinion. The parties were directed to proceed to trial.

Now that the Judges were out of the way, Bernie "I Forgot To Pay My Property Taxes" Abel had to face a jury of his peers at a trial. When all the facts were laid out the the jury found that the statements in the article were defamatory and that defendant Westmore News had published the statements either with the knowledge that they were false or in reckless disregard of their truth or falsity. The jury awarded Mann $75,000 in compensatory damages against Westmore News and punitive damages against both Westmore News and Abel in the amount of $15,000 each. 

The Greedy Tax Cheating Bernie Abel Hit the roof and ran back to court  appealed, arguing that the statements were constitutionally protected opinion. 

The Appellate Division upheld the jury's determination and said that Bernie Abel and the Westmore News Inc.had defamed the Rye Town Attorney, and concluded that the Rye Town Attorney was entitled to compensatory damages. The court dismissed the punitive damages awards and ordered a new trial unless The Rye Town Attorney stipulated to a reduction in the compensatory damage award, which he did, leaving in place only the defamation award against Westmore News Inc.

But Greedy Tax Cheating Bernie Abel and his wicked little thieving son Richard Abel were not satisfied they then went back to the State Supreme Court and argued that even though the statements printed in the Westmore News were knowing false and defamatory they were protected speech, because tax cheating Bernie Abel's false and defamatory statements appeared on an "opinion" page. 

In other words the Abel's and the Westmore News Inc. Basically Argued We can knowingly lie as long and not be held responsible if we do it on the opinion pages of the Westmore News.

The Dim Witted Judges Agreed With Bernie Abel who has made a career out of cheating school children out of sorely needed tax dollars.

But, Tax Cheating Bernie Abel Always Hated Paying Tax Dollar's For School Children He Even Tried To Stop The formation of the Blind Brook School District and the building Blind Brook High School, because he was afraid he might have to pay a few more buck for the children of Rye Brook. Greedy Bernie repeatedly slammed Blind Brook families saying their proposed high school was "Elitist".

Rye Town Supervisor Joesph Carvin let the tax  cheating Bernie Abel off the hook for his knowingly false and defamatory articles in support of the Carvin campaign. 

In fact, Good Ole Joe Carvin was so happy with the Westmore News articles that had been repeatedly found to be knowingly false and defamatory, he gave the newspaper a massive cash payout of tax dollars from the property owners of Port Chester, Rye Brook And Rye Neck,

Of coarse, The Greedy Abel Clan Had No Shame, They Threw A Free Speech Party” And Invited The Carvin Administration, as well as, clueless Westmore News subscribers and some relatives looking for a few crumbs from the Joe Carvin Windfall. 

I Wonder Who Westmore News Editor Jananne Abel Will Be Endorsing In The Upcoming Rye Town Supervisor's Election In About Six Months?

But What Do You Expect From A Newspaper That Was Founded To Attack Port Chester Officials Who Were Trying Infamous Port Chester Slumlord Bernie Abel To Pay Building Violation Fines And His Property Tax Bills?

Rye Town Roundup has always been proponent of free speech, America is built on the idea that there is a natural conflict between government and the press. That conflict benefits the people. But when an unethical rouge  newspaper publisher like Richard Abel snuggles up in bed with a politician like Joe Carvin, then it's the taxpayers that get screwed.

The next thing you know Bernie Abel once again gets a way with cheating on his taxes and Joe Carvin gives hime a massive payment funded by the taxpayers of Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye Neck.

And Guess Who Get's Hurt

1). Honest Hardworking Families And Seniors Who Can Barely Pay Their Taxes

2). School Children Who Depend On About Half Of The Taxes That The Westmore News Founder "Forgot" To Pay.

Richard And Jananne Should Do The Right Ting And Pay Back The Massive Payment That Rye Town Tax Payers Paid Bernie Abel And The Westmore News Inc.

The Should Also Start Paying Off Those 100 Tax Bills That Bernie Skipped Out On.

God Knows The Schools In Port Chester, Rye Brook And Rye Neck Could Use The Cash.

A Newspaper Is Supposed To Be Funded By Advertising Not By Hustling Honest Hard Working Taxpayers and by making sweetheart deals with ambidextrous politicians.

You didn't see Joe Carvin And The Rye Town Republican Patronage Machine Strategizing  And Coordinating With The Owner, Publisher And Editor Of The Journal News Repeatedly At The Port Chester Diner During The Last Rye Town Election.

You Just Can't Trust Richard "My Daddy Gave Me This Newspaper After He Forgot To Pay Over One Hundred Tax Bills" Abel And The Westmore News To Tell You What Is Really Going On In Port Chester, Rye Brook, Rye Neck And Rye Town.

Forget The About Fake Fraudulent And Phony Abels At The Westmore News.

 Don't Worry Rye Town Roundup Is Like The Hunter Thompson Of Hyper Local News Reporting And Will Continue To Expose The Fraud, Waste And Abuse In The Town Of Rye.

Rye Town Roundup Will Help Keep The Carvin Administration Honest, Because Richard Abel Is Too Busy Kissing Joe Carvin's White Boney Ass And Can't Be Bothered With Report News About Rye Town.

Bishop Nowotnik, Had Better Straighten Up And Fly Right, Because Rye Town Roundup Is Watching To See If He Properly Takes Care Of Crawford Park, Rye Town Park And Rye Town Hall.

"If I'd written all the truth I knew for the past ten years, about 600 people - including me - would be rotting in prison cells from Rio to Seattle today. Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism."

-Hunter Thompson



Bishop We Hate To Say We Told You So, But .....

Bishop Nowotnik Has Finally Started Doing What He Should Have Done When The Village Of Port Chester Moved Out Of Town Hall. He Has Moved The Rye Town Assessor's Office Upstairs And Moved The Irreplaceable And Historical Records In To The Assessor's Office.

The Assessor's Office Is Now The New Records Office And Has Been Painted.

New Carpeting For The First Floor Records Room Comes Tomorrow.

Now If Joe Carvin Could Get Bishop Nowotnik To Pay A Few More Bucks A Month To Monitor The Rye Town Basement If The Basement Starts To Flood Again.

I Am Sure That Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin's Best Buddy Bart "The Bigot" Didden Would Be More Than Happy To Monitor Rye Town Basement Flooding At USA Central Alarm.

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to RyeTownRoundupgmail.com

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